Monday, January 26, 2015
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Psychometric Testing ewe
Psychometric Testing Psychometrics Testing
Perfomance Management PILA we recommend to our clients to develop and implement a holistic performance management system. This includes several steps: Creating the environment for performance management. Planning for performance Determining what to measure and where to find the data Departmental targets based on departmental functions and core processes individual targets based on competence based open appraisal and job descriptions Individual operating plans based on the competence profile of the job family Training the users in the implementation of the Performance Management system Assisting users in incoporating pila perfomance management system in offthe shelf perfomance management softwares and human resources information management systems
Organisational Development (OD) and Institutional Development
For PILA Consultants OD/ID are system wide processes of organizational participatory learning, analysis, data collection, diagnosis, action research and intervention.
OD/ID is a complex management strategy intended to change the beliefs, attitudes, values, culture and structure of organization so that they can better adapt to new technologies, business and challenges. PILA Consultants utilises the following participatory approaches when identifying problems and implementing OD/ID interventions.
Individual Development Career Motivation Training Although multi-skilling has become an important key personal as well as a technical competence, successful individuals are still anchored in a specific career to which they constantly return to re-assure themselves of who they are and where they need to go next in their quest for staying afloat in the ever-changing labour environment. For this reason PILA conducts hands on experience training in the soft skill known as career motivation which covers the following topics:
Competence Management and Development PILA assists client organisations to establish a competence foundation for HR practices. This consists of outlining and agreeing on competence profiles or models for all job families, agreeing on departmental core processes, writing competence based job evaluation, and other basic HR instruments such as competence based open appraisal, competence based factor plan for job evaluation, competence based human resources audit, and competence based selection instruments such as structured interviews. The following is some of what is on the competence management menu:
a) Competence based recruitment and selection, PILA designs and administers competence based; Structured interviews Assessment centres Bio data Psychometric tests

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Key areas covered

  • Increasing efficiency through office and equipment retooling
  • Promoting organisational services and products through psychology based advertising
  • Selecting competent employees using psychometric tests
  • Establishing research studies for human behavior at work
  • Using assessment centers to select or train managers
  • Administering Psychometric Tests

On Going Projects 2014

  • Human Resource Audit: Uganda national Bureau of Standards (UNBS)
  • Organization Review and Talent Management: Nsambya Hospital
  • Job Analysis: Housing Finance Bank (HFB)
  • Change Management: Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA)
  • Joint Public Service Midterm ┬áReview: Office of the Prime Minister (OPM)
  • Health Sector Communication Strategy: Ministry of Health (MOH. Read more..

Pila consultants is a client centered local firm with an international perspective and a truly unique consultancy concept focusing on organizational/Institutional Development and Human Resource Management.

Our preferred tools are competence mapping, development, and institutionalization. PILA utilizes a combination of hierarchical competence profiling and analysis, hierarchical task analysis and functional job analysis in order to map and develop competences in the sectors where PILA works.


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