Monday, January 26, 2015

Parastatals, Authorities and Commisions

Uganda Revenue Authority

  • For close to 12 months PILA worked with URA to introduce a competence based performance management system. The adoption of the system coincided with several years of outstanding performance where URA was able to continuously exceed or meet set revenue collection targets

National Social Security Fund

  • Process Reengineering of the Operations Department. When NSSF experienced unexplained and significant backlog, PILA teamed up with another firm to undertake reengineering the processes of the Operations Department. Using competence based functional analysis and appropriate process mining software, bottlenecks were pinpointed and revitalised processes outlined and recommended

National Forest Authority

  • PILA worked with the Board Members to select a Chief Executive. This was an important test for PILA?s scientific and evidence based approach to its operations including selection.

Civil Aviation Authority

  • Development of a Human Resources Manual- 2009-2012

Uganda Wildlife Authority

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Board Training

National Planning Authority

  • Preparation of the Strategic Plan 2009-2011and review of the Organizational and Remuneration Structure
  • Capacity Needs Assessment -2012


  • Designing and conducting Assessment Centre for the post of Managing Director/General Manager Finance and Company Secretary

Capital Markets Authority (CMA).

  • Job evaluation, salary market survey and salary structure

Uganda Communication Commission.

  • Competence Analysis and Profiling, Job evaluation, salary market survey and salary structure

Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Ltd (UETCL).

  • Job Evaluation and Salary Grading

National Medical Stores.

  • Designing and conducting Assessment Centre for the post of Chief Executive Officer/ General Manager

National Forestry Authority.

  • Recruitment and selection of the Director National Forestry Authority

Uganda Aids Commission

  • Strategic planning, resource allocation and Structuring

Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS)

  • Designing a Corporate Training strategy

NEMA-National Environment Management Authority

  • Strategic planning, resource allocation and Structuring

Rural Electrification Agency

  • Evaluation of the Rural Electrification Framework and Institutions

Uganda Network on Ethics, Law and HIV/AIDS (UGANET)

  • Reviewing the Organizational structure and strategic planning

Community Development Resource Network

  • Organizational structure, Job descriptions, competence profiles, job evaluation and human resources manual

Uganda Electricity Distribution Company.

  • Balanced Scorecard Strategy Management System
  • Training and Review of Balanced Score Card System- 2012

Uganda Tourism Board

  • Institutional Review -2011

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